Next-Generation Oceanographic Research: Robots Talking to Robots

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) was founded by David Packard in 1987, with the goal of identifying new ways technology can accelerate progress in ocean science. With that charter, it’s no surprise that MBARI has been at the cutting edge developing innovative ways to use Wave Gliders. One great example is their use of Wave Gliders as mobile “hot spots” to talk to other ocean robots.

In this webcast you’ll learn how MBARI is using Wave Gliders to:

  • Locate and track underwater assets more efficiently than sending a ship
  • Act as a communications relay, allowing other platforms to transfer data quickly and get back to work underwater
  • Chase submerged autonomous underwater vehicle (AUVs) for in situ analysis of a drifting water mass



brian kieft.jpg
Brian Kieft
Software Engineer, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Research Institute 


graham picture.png
Graham Hine
Co-Founder, SVP Global Partner Development
Liquid Robotics

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