Fish & Marine Mammal Tracking with Ocean Robots: Bringing Science & Industry Together

The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) is a global research, technology, and partnershiporganization with headquarters at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A leader in theuse of autonomous systems for ocean monitoring, OTN also often plays the role of theconnector. We sat down with them to learn how they are using Wave Gliders to help fostercollaboration between science, industry, NGOs, and government.

In this webcast you’ll learn how OTN is using Wave Gliders to:

  • Monitor snow crab movements
  • Provide validation data for ocean models
  • Expand temporal/spatial coastal monitoring for climate change studies



Dr. Fred Whoriskey
Executive Director
Ocean Tracking Network


Richard Davis.jpg
Richard Davis               
Technical Team Lead
Ocean Tracking Network
 Peter Elliman.jpg 
Peter Elliman
Director, Product Marketing
Liquid Robotics

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